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Engage with your audience on a whole new level? WORXSTUDIO will build and help you market a chatbot to drive serious lead generation.

Messenger bots can – and do – boost lead generation and sales for literally any business: Service, Coaching, Real Estate, Brick & Mortar, eCommerce, Gyms, Doctors, Restaurants, Dentists, Chiropractors, MLM, Nonprofits, Universities, Museums… the list goes on and on!

Read Messenger Chatbot Marketing: The Definitive Guide to learn everything you need to know to be successful using bots.



1.7 million people use Facebook Messenger every month as their preferred method of communication with friends, family, and more importantly – businesses and brands.

Right now, ChatBots are hands down the most powerful form of marketing communication for your company.


People LOVE using Facebook Messenger and prefer chatting over email.

ChatBots create a more human feeling, conversational interaction your business. Communicating with your customers this way creates a better experience – and your customers pay attention.



1.7 million people use Facebook Messenger every month as their preferred method of communication with friends, family, and more importantly – businesses and brands.

Right now, ChatBots are hands down the most powerful form of marketing communication for your company.


ChatBots are programmed to run independently 24x7x365. Getting more leads and qualifying them totally on autopilot frees up your sales team to focus on closing more sales.


ChatBots allow you to tag and segment your users through a conversations that help nurture tehm into the sale.

You’ll be able to discover exactly who your customer is and what they’re looking for before ever having to contact them directly.

By segmenting your customers, your leads will be more qualified and more ready to purchase from you!


On average, the people can take 6-8 hours to read an email, if at all. But because most people use Messenger, the reply to a notification in under 5 minutes!

You’ll enjoy more reach. The newsfeed is crowded, but Messenger isn’t. You’ll enjoy 100%, unthrottled reach with your message – and your subscribers will too!

How Businesses and Nonprofits can use chatbots for marketing

Want to automate the most common customer interactions?

Chatbots can help you deliver the right answer the moment a customer asks.

Discover ways Facebook Messenger bots can integrate with your business by seeing companies who are doing it successfully.

Deliver Personalized Content Experiences

Businesses can use chatbots solely for content; the chatbots serve as an extension of their content marketing strategy. These bots nurture relationships with clients and provide immediate value without any work on the user’s part.

For example Whole Foods uses a chatbot helping users find new recipes. They can enter requests like “soup recipes” to browse suggestions for different types of meals or cuisines, or move through a series of questions for personalized recipes.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Customer service is the most popular way to use chatbots. A lot of the time your business is asked the same questions over and over. That’s why a lot of sites have a Frequently Asked Question page. A chatbot is a great way to field some of those questions. You just have to teach it what to say.

The Domino’s Pizza chatbot is a good example of this. Customers can order directly from the bot and track their order. The “track order” option is a simple, effective customer service tool. Imagine how many calls Domino’s gets from impatient customers wanting to know when their pizza will be delivered.

Offer Specialized Services

Many businesses offer automated services, but you can take this a step further by creating chatbots that offer these services in the Messenger app itself.

RemitRadar‘s money transfer service is one of the best examples of this type of chatbot. Chatbot users can use automated services to send money, pay for international mobile while abroad, request exchange rates, and find other money transfer locations. All of these services are streamlined and easy to use.

Engage with Donors and Supporters

Several nonprofits have huge followings on Facebook, Instagram and other social channels. Now that is is harder and harder to reach their supporters with regular posts, it is hurting many nonprofit fundraising efforts.

With messenger chatbots, these organizations can tremendously improve their Facebook engagement. Sending inspiring videos, upcoming events, funny pictures and even links to the new posts are great ways to keep your organization on top of your supporters mind.

Do not just send messages asking for money. This is a surefire way to lose subscribers.

Let us show you how Facebook Messenger Bots can work for your business

Team up with WORXSTUDIO who focus on using the power of Facebook and Messenger to target and reach audiences that work for your business.

We are a team of results driven, and ROI-focused marketers that embrace the intricacies of this ever-changing platform to meet and exceed the demands of our clients.

As experts in the world of Facebook Ads, we know how to engage and drive relevant visitors to your business.

Get in touch and let us show you how we can help you!

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